Our Classes

Our Classes

Develop inner strength, a more shapely body, better posture, flexibility, balance and control.

We run our classes on a term by term basis. This is aligned with the NSW School Terms. We are closed on Public Holidays. If you can't find a class time that suits you, please contact us to see whether we can accommodate you. As we may be able to add another class to the timetable if minimum numbers are achieved.

Group Mat Classes

Group Mat Classes

Our 60-minute Group Mat Pilates classes are tailored for individuals ranging from teens to those in their 80s, catering to both beginners and advanced participants who are free from injuries. Guided by the wealth of knowledge and expertise of Sharon, aim to help you cultivate inner strength, reduce back pain, improve posture, enhance flexibility, achieve better balance, and master control. Classes incorporate props such as balls, bands, and Pilates rings. Aligned with the school term, our Group Mat Class schedule ensures a seamless fit into your routine. Booking in advance is essential for all sessions, as we maintain strict limitations on class sizes to ensure a high-quality and personalized experience for each participant.

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Private Rehab Pilates

Private Rehab Pilates

Our one-on-one Rehab Pilates sessions offer post-acute rehabilitation services to the broader community. We collaborate with the client's primary healthcare providers, including physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, sports physicians, and more, to ensure tailored and continuous care for our clients. Our goal is to support the restoration, enhancement, and sustained well-being of each individual.

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Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates

Our Reformer Pilates Private class offers a low-impact, joint-friendly form of resistance training suitable for individuals looking to boost their strength. Whether you aim to enhance overall strength, target specific muscle groups, elongate your spine, or improve flexibility, this class is customized to align with each client's specific goals, making it suitable for beginners to advanced participants.

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Principles Of Pilates

Sharon Brown Pilates specialises and teaches the Menezes Method of Pilates which focuses on the following eight principles:

The Menezes Method of Pilates added the last two principles.

"It is the mind's subconscious control over habitual movements which needs to be altered to progress above and beyond our standard capabilities" - Joseph Pilates

Class Times & Locations

Pilates At Crestwood

Crestwood Girl Guides Hall
Peel Road
Baulkham Hills NSW 2154

Class Times

Monday - 6.15pm
Monday – 7.30pm

Pilates At Castle Hill

Flight Dance Project
38/5 Anella Avenue
Castle Hill NSW 2154

Class Times

Tuesday - 9:30am
Wednesday - 6.15pm
Wednesday – 7.30pm

Private Pilates Sessions

Private Reformer Pilates and Private Rehab sessions by appointment only at Baulkham Hills. Please contact me for more information and availability

Class Times

Monday to Thursday - Various Times Available

Class Price Guide

Our group Mat Pilates classes are priced to make it affordable for you to be able to attend on a regular basis. We run our classes on a term by term basis. This is aligned with the NSW School Terms. We are closed on Public Holidays.

Booking are essential. Limited spaces available.

Please note: there will be no classes held for the full week starting Monday 6 February 2023.


$190.00 Per Term (10 weeks)

Prices are based on a full term (10 weeks) of classes. School terms vary from 9 weeks to 11 weeks. Term prices are based on the NSW School Calendar Dates


$175.00 Per Term (10 Weeks)

Student discounted rate is for full time students only. Prices are based on a full term of classes.


$25.00 Per Class

Our Casual Class Rate for Group Mat Pilates is subject to availability and must be pre-booked.


From $80.00 per hour

Private sessions are tailored to your individual needs and priced accordingly. Please contact us for further information on pricing.

Term Dates

We run our classes on a term by term basis, which is aligned with the NSW School Terms. We are closed on Public Holidays.

Term One

Monday, 29th January 2024
Friday, 12th April 2024

Term Two

Monday, 29th April 2024
Friday, 05th July 2024

Term Three

Monday, 22nd July 2024
Friday, 27th September 2024

Term Four

Monday, 14th October 2024
Friday, 20th December 2024

“Sharon is amazing how she encourages me to put that little more into Pilates to make me feel I am achieving my goal. She explains the movement so well and the importance of breathing. Love Sharon’s Pilates class.”

Julie B