Kathy - Kellyville

Pilates with Sharon is one of the best parts of my week. The classes are designed to suit various levels and Sharon is fantastic at differentiating the activities so everyone is challenged. Every week I leave the class feeling toned, stronger and fitter. I would recommend this class to everybody.

Abby – North Rocks

I actually look forward to Monday’s every single week because it means I’ve got Pilates!! I’m absolutely loving your classes Sharon and am getting so much more out of them than I ever hoped to! Could not recommend you highly enough:)

Garry – Kings Langley

Very well planned classes. Sharon looks out for everyone in the class regardless of skill level. Highly recommend!!!

Robyn – Hills District

Classes with Sharon are fun yet challenging... you come away feeling satisfied with yourself and pushing through to the next level. I highly recommend her classes

Lyndsi - Carlingford

Pilates with Sharon is something I’ve done for a long time now and quite simply, my body feels so much more flexible and strong for it. I know this because I feel the difference when I’ve taken a break from her classes.

Natalie - Baulkham Hills

I am really enjoying my Pilates classes with Sharon.

Sharon has helped me with my very weak core which was giving me a lot of grief and causing a lot of back issues for me. It has resulted in less visits to a physiotherapist and osteopath and a more happy me! It is my escape for 1 hour to look after myself, tone up, de-stress and I am loving the results.

I still have a long way to go, but Sharon pushes you and encourages you to go to the next level. It is a lovely relaxed atmosphere, you won't regret it.

Abby - Baulkham Hills

Brilliant Pilates classes! A challenging workout in a friendly space. Sharon’s expertise is second to none – she has helped me develop and strengthen my core tremendously. Truly life changing!

Meredith - Castle Hill

I really enjoyed Sharon's pilates classes and have missed them since I've been away.

The class has a friendly, supportive atmosphere and Sharon ensures everyone is working to their own potential, no matter what stage they're at. My flexibility improved, I toned up and I felt better, physically and mentally.

Can highly recommend Sharon as a Pilates teacher to anyone.

Amelia - Castle Hill

This Pilates class was fantastic! I had never tried Pilates before and Sharon was really accommodating and helpful. She talked through the different positions and assisted me whenever I needed help.

I felt stronger and more flexible whilst attending this class and would love to return once I have my first child (I'm currently pregnant)...... Join up!!!

Daina - Castle Hill

Sharon is a great teacher, she explains everything really well. Each position can be adapted to your level so you never feel overwhelmed by any of it. I always feel so strong and flexible after a class. I highly recommend Sharon's classes.

Nerdia - Castle Hill

Sharon is an amazing teacher, with beginner and advanced students alike. She explains the class in detail maximizing the benefit for all. You leave Sharon's class feeling fantastic and invigorated. Just love, love her class!!!

Jacqui - Winston Hills

I've been going to Sharon's classes for years! I go there tired and leave invigorated!

Jeannette - Kellyville

Sharon's Pilates classes have saved me hundreds of dollars in Physiotherapy!

Lorraine - Baulkham Hills

Sharon's Pilates classes were a great help in assisting me with the stretching and healing of a severe hamstring tear. After a number of months it was great to be able to return to my jogging and pole dancing classes

Kerryn - Baulkham Hills

I have been attending Sharon's class for a year now and really enjoy every session. I have a bad back and was struggling to find exercise that I could do that did not impact on this.

Sharon's class has been fantastic in providing low impact, strengthening exercises and I walk away feeling stretched and relaxed every week, without any concern. The class is very relaxed and everyone operates at their own pace.

Jeff - Baulkham Hills

After doing Sharon's pilates classes for just two terms, my core strength and overall flexibility have been greatly improved. I am sitting better, standing better and feeling great. Her classes are the perfect mix of intensity, relaxation and fun - so get up out of that office chair or couch and have a go!

Sasha - Hills District

After starting Pilates over a year ago with Sharon, I have transformed my body completely. Stronger and without injury have been just two of the results! I love Sharon's style of teaching and her dedication to technique using the Menezies method

Manjula - Baulkham Hills

I have been doing Pilates for almost two years now (once a week) and have noticed an incredible difference. In that time I have become more flexible, have better posture, have alleviated back pain and have become more toned.

It's done in a great environment and is really relaxing. Sharon is very knowledgeable but also makes the sessions fun. Being in a smaller group, she is able to supervise all the exercises really closely & ensures they are being done correctly.

I have no hesitations in recommending Sharon to anyone

Jo - Baulkham Hills

Joining your Pilates class is the best thing I have done to myself this year. Thank you for your guidance and I look forward to the 7pm Monday class in the New Year, so please book me in!

Vonita - Baulkham Hills

Since doing Menezes Pilates with Sharon, my core muscles have strengthened, and my posture has improved. I love the exercises - it is a great way to focus and stay in shape!