Helen - Castle Hill.

The Menezes Method Pilates class has given me the flexibility that I have never had before in my life. The classes are not at all tedious and each week I can see an improvement

Lisa - Baulkham Hills

I like the intense work out you get without the body jarring that goes with some other exercises. Since starting pilates my flexibility has improved and the principles of posture technique have been really beneficial.

Shayne - Winston Hills

I have found doing pilates for 9 months has cured my lower back problems and increased my flexibility

Jamie - Baulkham Hills

The Menezes Method of Pilates has given me my waist back after two children. The one hour a week is great 'ME' time too!

Sharron - Baulkham Hills

As a sufferer of chronic back pain I can't live without pilates. I now walk straighter and stand taller. My core is so much stronger and really helps protect my back. I notice the difference when I miss a class.

Jacqui - Winston Hills

I have noticed an improvement in my flexibility, posture and my core strength is increasing.