Online Live Mat Pilates classes

Adapting to Change and Lockdown Restrictions - Offering Online Private and Group Mat Pilates classes

It is super important to stay connected during this Lockdown period and to look after your physical and mental well being – and Pilates can certainly help you with both! During this crazy lockdown period, we adapted to the stay-at-home orders and offered Online Live Private and Group Mat Pilates classes. Term 3 Online classes were a huge success with our clients (ranging from absolute beginners to advanced).

We will be kicking off Term 4 on Monday 4 October by continuing with Online Group Mat Pilates classes for a flat rate per household. This makes it as easy for you and a family member or flat mate to jump on and participate in at least one Online Mat Pilates class per week until such time as we can return to face-to-face classes again. We encourage you to do multiple Online classes per week if you can. Each class is 1 hour plus 5 minutes prior and post class to chat.

Term 4 Online Group Mat Pilates classes commences Monday 4 October and runs for 11 weeks. We cater to all participants’ levels - from absolute beginners to advanced.

To continue to be adaptable for the ever-changing restrictions, we are going to work on a 2 week basis for Term 4. This means that we will be booking 2 weeks at a time. This may allow for us to return to face-to-face teaching at some point prior to the end of the term.


Term 4 is an 11 week term. Commencing Monday 4 October and ending on Friday 17 December 2021.


Whilst we continue with Online sessions, times and days are as follows. Classes are 60 minutes with an additional 5 minutes prior and post class to chat.

Monday 4 and Monday 11 October


Monday 18 October to Monday 13 December

5.00pm and 7.15pm

Tuesday 5 October to Tuesday 14 December


Wednesday 6 October to Wednesday 15 December



We are happy to offer Unlimited Online Group Mat Pilates classes for $36 per household per fortnight. That’s $18 per week! Bookings essential. Limited spaces available.

Please note: If we are able to return to face-to-face classes during Term 4, prices will be per person per class and subject to availability and a number of other conditions or as advised by the Australian Government.

To book or for more information, please contact Sharon on 0414 465 542 or email:

“I have been doing Pilates for almost two years now (once a week) and have noticed an incredible difference. In that time I have become more flexible, have better posture, have alleviated back pain and have become more toned. It's done in a great environment and is really relaxing. Sharon is very knowledgeable but also makes the sessions fun. Being in a smaller group, she is able to supervise all the exercises really closely & ensures they are being done correctly. I have no hesitations in recommending Sharon to anyone”

Manjula - Baulkham Hills