Are you stressed? Pilates can help!

The Ocean Breathing technique I teach will help you to alleviate your stress in many ways.
Most of us in our day to day lives are shallow breathers. By breathing deeply, you will oxygenate your blood and give your brain a lot more oxygen than what it is used to. This will also help to energise you and increase your stamina (without even moving!).

Concentrating on the breathing technique alone will help to bring those stress levels down. Then adding movements to lengthen and strengthen your muscles, whilst you are concentrating on your breath, will help this further. Because both the breathing technique and the controlled movements requires full concentration:- so you won’t be thinking about what’s stressing you out! Therefore, this allows you to have a “mental break” from your stressful thoughts. It is also designed to help keep stress and tension out of the neck, shoulders and lower back.

At the beginning of each class, we always start with a number of cycles of Ocean Breathing, this allows you to “set aside” that mental list of never ending tasks, or emotional/physical stress you may have. Swipe it to the side, or off screen, like you would on your smart phone or tablet. This sets the scene for the rest of the session and allows you to get more benefits out of your Pilates.

Try it now:

Just 2 minutes a day of this type of breathing can have a huge impact on your stress levels and your stamina. Imagine how you will feel after an hour’s class?!

The first 2 principles of Pilates are: Concentration and Breathing. There are 6 others.

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“After starting Pilates over a year ago with Sharon, I have transformed my body completely. Stronger and without injury have been just two of the results! I love Sharon's style of teaching and her dedication to technique using the Menezies method”

Sasha - Hills District